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Here at the Material Center, we have over 100,000 high quality, Japanese made material samples regularly on display. We have over 2,000 of the newest materials come in from all over Japan each year, bringing textile makers, designers, and apparel makers her to develop new products. Normally, it takes a lot of time and money to travel around Japan, visiting different manufacturers and exhibitions to help you develop new fabrics. However, by using our Material Center, you can much more efficiently develop new fabrics by taking advantage of the cloth samples we’ve gathered from all over the country. We are creating business opportunities to unite and connect textiles and apparel exactly for that reason. Of course, many designers from overseas visit us, too! We’re sure you won’t be able to hide your astonishment when you see the exquisite work of Japanese techniques in our high quality, and high quantity samples. We’re sure you will feel our museum is a mountain of treasures. You might have a chance at entering the world of big business by collaborating with these Japanese techniques. Our material experts offer free consultations about making original fabrics, so please don’t hesitate to ask to speak with them today!

Our Instructors

CEO of Iwasen, Inc.

Yoshiyuki Iwata

Planning, producing, selling of Jacquard Looms. Knows everything about cloth. Will show you the joy and charm of creating things. Can’t speak much English, but he can relate to you with his passion and body language.

Managing Director of JWWA Gifu

Koji Yamada

I’ll show you around the Material Center and guide you through the factory.

I would love for you to come visit the Material Center, whether you be in apparel, textiles, design, or education. I’d be glad to answer any questions you have about textiles. We hope to encourage the fashion industry more and more with our rich store of materials and friendly customer service.

About the Bishu Territory.

Hashima in Gifu prefecture and western Owari in Aichi prefecture have long been home to the loom industry. After a prosperous Meiji era, they moved from cotton on to wool, implementing new looms all over the country, owning over 80% of Japan’s textile production, and became known as the Bishu Territory. Thanks to the relentless efforts of their ancestors, great technology, and long history, Bishu has become a textile center that has drawn comparisons to Italy’s world renowned textile sites like Biella and Prato.

Many world-famous brands use textiles from Bishu.

Many famous brands in the Europe and America use materials produced in the Bishu Territory, lending credence to the claim that Bishu supports the world’s fashion industry. Our facility is located right inside Hashima City, the heart of Japan’s biggest textile manufacturing area, Bishu. We strive to protect the role that Japan’s traditional techniques and craft-making play in this industry.

Access MAP

Access from Japan’s major cities

  • From Chubu International Airport, take the Meitetsu Line to Nagoya
  • From Tokyo, take the Tokaido Shinkansen to Nagoya
  • From Osaka, take the Tokaido Shinkansen to Nagoya
  • From Nagoya, take the Tokaido Shinkansen to Gifu, Hashima station, then a taxi to the Material Center.

Sightseeing spots around the Material Center

  • Enkuu Museum (Kaminaka, Hashima City)
  • Sakichi Daibutsu
  • Gurutto Hashima (Hashima Tourism Exchange Center)
  • Takehana Betsuin(400 Year Old Fuji Tree)
  • Mt. Kinkazan and Gifu Castle
  • Nagoya Castle, Inuyama Castle (National Treasures)
  • Shirakawago (World Heritage Site), Takayama, Gero Hotsprings
  • Hikone Castle (National Treasure), Ise Jingu
佐吉大仏 ぐるっと羽島 円空資料館 竹鼻別院 白川郷

Recommended eating around the Material Center

  • Misogi Dango
  • Waju Yaki Udon
  • COCO Ichibanya (Delicious Japanese Curry)
  • Chikusen (Renkon Katsu-don)
  • Nishimatsu Tei (Japanese Food)
  • Bar Kuma (Japanese Tavern)
  • Chiyogiku (Japanese Sake, Japanese Sake maker)
竹扇 レンコンカツ丼 輪中焼きうどん 西松亭 千代菊 みそぎ団子

Places to stay near the Material Center

  • We can guide you to Tokoyo INN, Route-Inn, or Apo Hotel.

Have any questions? Contact us here

  • 〒501-6235 Gifu Prefecture, Hashima-shi, 448 Takehana-cho Hachijiri
  • TEL:058-391-8511


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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〒501-6235 Gifu Prefecture, Hashima-shi, 448 Takehana-cho Hachijiri


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